Title: "Funky Dip"

Client: Malibu Rum

Project Type: Viral Ad/Flashmob

Director: Ben McIntire and Danny Abel

DP: Ben McIntire




This viral ad for Malibu Rum got over 100,000 views in the first day of posting to youtube.  The project involved casting for 80 dancers, 2 bucket drummers, 4 breakdancers and a lead actor.  Shot in City Hall Park, speakers had to be hidden throughout the trees and bushes, and all the camera operators had to be disguised as tourists snapping photos.  Each of the five camera operators had a wireless video and audio feed run up their sleeve to a backpack that would broadcast both audio and video to video village.  Each operator also wore a conceiled earpiece so that they could be coordinated by the directors.  A 25 foot jib was conceiled under construction tarps and revealed one minute into the dance.