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Längs ett Spår av Blod


Längs Ett Spår av Blod


Filmed on location in Gothenburg, Sweden, Längs Ett Spår av Blod follows Asme through a tense 24 hours of drugs and violence.  The directors wanted to tie the various locations together more with a bleach bypass look, referencing Se7en and other films where the bleach bypass was done at a stage of the process where it didn't push the highlights or desaturate quite so much, and instead mostly just had really thick blacks.

Shot on Alexa Mini with Arri Signature Primes

Project Type Short Film


Production Yoel Yemane, Bloodline 

Producers Chimichurri, Ari Amin, Leo Aadland, Lena Aadland, Andrés Salas Lindell, Adriana Prieto

Director Emil and Mattias Ramos, Chimichurri Studios

Story Chimichurri & Mohamed Mohamud

DoP  Leo Aadland, Mohammad Tellawi 

Production Design Ari Amin

Costume Design  Ronja Kruus

Color Ben McIntire




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